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Check out these websites to see LIVE animal videos from zoos across the country. 


Zoo Atlanta: PANDA CAM



Monterey Bay Aquarium: 10 CAMS TO EXPLORE

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Check out these websites for some cool summer fun

Make an ocean in a bottle

You will need:

* Clear plastic water bottle with cap

* Water

* Cooking oil

* Blue food coloring

* Funnel

* Strong tape or hot glue gun

* Optional: small toys that can fit in bottle


1. Fill bottle a little less than 1/2 full of water.

2. Add food coloring and shake a little to mix

3. If you are adding optional items, do so now.

4. Using the funnel, fill the remainder of the bottle with oil. Leave about 2 inches at the top - this helps the "waves" roll.

5. Screw the lid on tightly

6. Secure the lid with heavy tape or glue. 

7. Move the bottle to watch the waves.

Because oil and water do not mix, the movement of the two separate liquids within the bottle gives the illusion of waves. Try different colors and make a rainbow of oceans!

Subaquatic Life

Talk about science!

Why doesn't the oil and water mix together? 

Water molecules have a positive charged end and a negative charged end. The positive end of one water molecule is attracted to the negative end of another water molecule. So, like a magnet, opposites attract. 


The oil molecule doesn't have the positive and negative ends like the water molecules.


This means that oil molecules are more attracted to each other and the water molecules are more attracted to each other. So the two never mix. This is known as being immiscible

Bonus question: When you turn the bottle, why does the water always end up on the bottom and the oil always ends up on the top?

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Tell the story of your family by printing the "My Family's Story" book. Answer the questions and illustrate the pages to make a keepsake book for your family. Put the pages in any order you choose (it is YOUR story after all) and staple together.


Be sure to complete this

family tree craft and add it to your book as well.