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Make an ocean in a bottle

You will need:

* Clear plastic water bottle with cap

* Water

* Cooking oil

* Blue food coloring

* Funnel

* Strong tape or hot glue gun

* Optional: small toys that can fit in bottle


1. Fill bottle a little less than 1/2 full of water.

2. Add food coloring and shake a little to mix

3. If you are adding optional items, do so now.

4. Using the funnel, fill the remainder of the bottle with oil. Leave about 2 inches at the top - this helps the "waves" roll.

5. Screw the lid on tightly

6. Secure the lid with heavy tape or glue. 

7. Move the bottle to watch the waves.

Because oil and water do not mix, the movement of the two separate liquids within the bottle gives the illusion of waves. Try different colors and make a rainbow of oceans!

Talk about science!

Why doesn't the oil and water mix together? 

Water molecules have a positive charged end and a negative charged end. The positive end of one water molecule is attracted to the negative end of another water molecule. So, like a magnet, opposites attract. 


The oil molecule doesn't have the positive and negative ends like the water molecules.


This means that oil molecules are more attracted to each other and the water molecules are more attracted to each other. So the two never mix. This is known as being immiscible

Bonus question: When you turn the bottle, why does the water always end up on the bottom and the oil always ends up on the top?

Subaquatic Life

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The Story of the Chinese Zodiac


Many myths and legends surround the Chinese Zodiac.

Here is one version of the story:

Long ago in China, the Jade Emperor decided that a way of

measuring time should be established. So he ordered that all

of the animals would compete in a swimming race. The first

twelve animals that crossed the finish line would be the winners.

Each animal would have a year of the zodiac named after them. 


All of the animals lined up on the bank of the river. The rat and cat were very good friends but they were not good swimmers. So, they asked the ox if he would carry them. The kind ox agreed and soon he took the lead in the race. When they were very close to the bank the rat pushed the cat into the river and jumped off of the ox's back to win the race. The Jade Emperor congratulated the rat and assigned the first year of the zodiac as The Year of the Rat. The poor, kind ox was assigned the second year of the zodiac - The Year of the Ox.


Next to cross the finish line was the very tired tiger. He had found the river to be very strong and it was difficult for him to swim quickly. The Emperor named the third year of the zodiac The Year of the Tiger.


The rabbit came ashore next. He actually didn't swim across the river. Instead he hopped across on some stones and finally landed on a log which floated to the shore. The Emperor found the rabbit very clever and named the fourth year of the zodiac The Year of the Rabbit.


Just then the dragon fly to the river bank. The Emperor asked him what took him so long, since he could fly after all! The dragon explained that he had stopped to make rain for some animals and people who were thirsty. The Emperor thanked the dragon for his kindness and assigned the fifth year of the zodiac as The Year of the Dragon.


Next in sight was the horse. Just as he almost got to shore, a sneaky snake wriggled past him. The snake took sixth place and the horse came in seventh.


Not long after a raft appeared carrying the goat, monkey, and rooster. They explained to the Emperor that the rooster had found the raft and the goat had worked to clear weeds and the monkey had push it into the river. so they all had shared the raft. The Emperor was very happy that the animals had worked together. He assigned the goat eighth place, the monkey ninth, and the rooster tenth.


The dog arrived on shore next. The Emperor was confused as to why the dog, a very good swimmer indeed, was so late. The dog explained that the enjoyed the clean water in the river so much that he had decided to stop and have a bath! So the eleventh year of the zodiac is The Year of the Dog.


There was only one more place left in the zodiac. After quite a long wait the boar finally came ashore. He explained that he had taken so long because he had stopped to eat and take a nap! The final year of the zodiac was named The Year of the Boar.


What happened to the cat who was pushed into the water by his friend the rat? He finally manged to crawl out of the water, but he was too late. He was very angry with the rat and that is why cats and rats have never been friends since!

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Tell the story of your family by printing the "My Family's Story" book. Answer the questions and illustrate the pages to make a keepsake book for your family. Put the pages in any order you choose (it is YOUR story after all) and staple together.


Be sure to complete this

family tree craft and add it to your book as well. 


Sprinkle everyone's hands with turmeric "germs". Have everyone wash their hands in the sink. Give each participant a large clear bowl of water. Ask then to put their clean hands in the bowl and clean them some more. If the water in the bowl turns yellow then your hands weren't actually clean after you washed them in the sink.


Use one of these videos to help teach your kids about proper hand washing.

REMEMBER: Turmeric can stain skin and clothing

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Check out these cool websites for more germ-busting and Coronavirus information!

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Create your own paper lantern for the holidays.
Just print the pattern below. 


Print template above on white or decorative paper. Resize as needed.

(If you print this on decorative paper keep in mind that the template is the inside of the lantern)

Scissors, Hobby knife

Surface that is safe to cut on

Round hole-punch

Double-sided tape

String or ribbon


  1.  Cut along all dashed lines

  2.  Use a hobby knife to cut out diamonds

  3.  Use a hole punch to make holes where the circles are located.

  4.  Fold along all solid lines. Make sure all instructions will be folded inside the lantern.

  5.  Place double-sided tape on the opposite side of the writing where indicated.

  6.  Tape on of the "Side Bottom" pieces to the inside of the lantern bottom (over the writing).

  7.  Tape the lantern bottom flap to the inside of the lantern.

  8.  Tape the other "Side Bottom" to the inside of the lantern bottom overlapping the other "Side Bottom"

  9.  Tuck "Side Flap" inside lantern and affix with extra tape.

10.  Fold the top triangles in and thread string through the holes.

11.  Tie bow to secure. Do not tape or tie a knot so that you can access inside the lantern when needed.

12.  Place electric tea light candle inside and enjoy!