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Scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to access Hoopla

Hoopla book club winter.jpg


Read the winter selection by choosing your format below.

Let the librarian know if you are participating and would like to have in-person discussion sessions.

In order to access Hoopla you must have a
valid and current library card from Grant Public Library.

Steps to register:
Click on the image above to be taken to

2. Create a new account by entering your email and creating a password. 

(The library does not have access to the password you create. If you forget it, then you will have to reset your account through Hoopla.)

3. Enter your library card # in the fields marked library card number AND pin number. You will put the
SAME # in both boxes.

4. The next time you visit Hoopla you will only have to enter the email/password.
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