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Beginning Tuesday, May 19, 2020,  the Grant Public Library began offering CURBSIDE PICKUP of books, audiobooks, and DVDs. For the safety of library staff and the public the library building will be closed to the public. 



  • Curbside pickup is available to the general public Tuesday-Saturday beginning at 11am. Curbside pickup will end 1 hour before the regular closing time each day.

  • Curbside pickup from 10 am - 11 am Tuesday-Saturday is available ONLY for high-risk patrons.

  • To check out items you must have a library card in good standing (no fines, not expired)

  • You must allow a minimum of 2 hours from the time you reserve books before attempting to pick them up. Items reserved when the library is closed will be available for pickup the next business day.

  • If your account has a valid email address then you will be notified via email when your items are ready for pickup. If you do not have an email then you may call 256-728-5128, after the 2 hours have elapsed, to verify that your items are ready before you come to the library.

  • There will be a limit of 3 items allowed to be checked out per card.

    • Books and Audiobooks - 2 week checkout

    • DVD - 1 week checkout


Patrons may reserve books by one of the following methods:

  • Use your online account. You can sign in to your account above by clicking on "Search card catalog". Follow the instructions listed under the title “How to reserve books”

  • Email the library at readme@nehp.net 

  • Call the library at 256-728-5128


When you come to pick up your items please follow these steps:

  1. When you arrive. remain in your vehicle and call the library.

  2. Staff will take items outside and place on the folding chair located beside the night drop.

  3. Staff will go back inside.

  4. You will exit car, retrieve your items, and return any items you have to the night drop. 



Preliminary research indicates that Covid 19 can remain on items up to 3 days. Therefore, items returned to the library will be placed in quarantine, and therefore will not be checked in, for no less than 72 hours. You may still receive the automated computer-generated late notice emails for up to 4 days after returning an item. Please disregard these notices if you have returned your items. Please do not call the library to inquire if we retrieved your books from the night drop. No late fees will be charged during this quarantine time.



The doors may be closed but the library is still here to serve the community any way we can. Along with being able to check out books via curbside service, we can also offer internet search assistance and printing services.



  1. Sign in to the library’s WiFi. The information is posted on the library's door.

  2. Call the library to let the librarian know that you are about to print something. In certain circumstances the printer requires permission (pushing a button) to print.

  3. Open the document you need to print

  4. Send the document to the HP Pagewide printer. Please make sure that you choose black and white if that is what you want. Also make sure you indicate whether the document should print on one side or both sides.

  5. Only send it to the printer one time. Whatever you print you pay for.





  1. Email the document you would like to have printed to readme@nehp.net

  2. Make sure to include in the email if you want the document

    1. 1-sided or 2-sided

    2. black and white or in color.

  3. You will receive a confirmation email once the document(s) have been printed with the total amount due.

  4. Be sure to bring the exact amount due when you come to pick up your documents. We cannot make change at this time.

  5. Call when you arrive and the librarian will bring your documents to your car and collect payment.




Copies: $0.25 per page for black and white printing; $0.30 per page for color printing


FOR INTERNET SEARCH ASSISTANCE: If you need something printed from the internet but aren’t sure where to start, then please call and the librarian will assist you any way she can.


  The Grant Public Library is here for you!



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